Sport in one click

In 2 minutes, find and join games nearby, find the missing players or book a venue for a game

Sports events nearby

  • In one click, find games on the map that are a few steps from you.
  • Receive notifications about upcoming events in the area and city.
  • Choose events by time, place, sport and game level.

Create games easily

  • Stick players for a football or basketball match.
  • Create a pair squash or tennis game.
  • Do an open jog in the park.
  • Invite friends or make an open event and wait for new players.

All sport venues

  • In the app you will find all the sports venues in the city with information on how to book them.
  • On the part you can book it through the application.
  • Over time, all venues can be booked and paid online.

Group sports

Playseek will help to conduct regular games, search for venues, assemble a complete team and find emergency replacements for players who baked.

Couple sports

Playseek will help you find partners in pair sports and conduct games on an ongoing basis.

Single sports

Sometimes running alone is boring. Together or the company to engage in sports is always more interesting and more fun.

What is playseek

The main problem of amateur athletes is that they do not know about nearby games and players with whom you can practice together.

Playseek is an interactive map of the city, which contains information about venues for all kinds of sports and games you can join in. This is a sports social network where in one click you can find a tennis partner or midfielder for the upcoming football match.


Where playseek works

Now we run in Ukraine and Taiwan. We welcome all countries. If you have a suggestion to run Playseek in your motherland - feel free to text us.

Want to become a playseek partner in your city and receive real profit?

Want to add your area ro playseek map

Visit the “Venues” section and leave a request. We will add it to our application immediately and you will be able to find players for sports!

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Playseek - application allows you to search for matches, venues and players